Photos: Opening for USS at The Mod Club Toronto

I first met USS back in 2009, when they were in the studio recording 'Laces Out'.  I've watched them play many shows over the years, so it was a bit surreal when I found out I would be opening for them at Mod Club!  The crowd was so much fun, and we got to try out a bunch of new songs.  Check out the photo gallery below, courtesy of Paul Steward.

Photos: Behind The Scenes on the Lullaby Video Shoot

It was a long last winter when we filmed Lullaby, starting off in the bitter cold at 6am and ending in the ArtSpace lofts around 8pm. We had a lot of fun though, and the end result is beautiful! These are a few photos snapped by Paul Steward, hoping to give you a little glimpse of how things looked behind the scenes. Thank you so much to John Ker for the amazing work, and my very talented make-up artist Jessica Hastings.

Check out the video now;