Photos: Behind the Scenes on 'Catch Me If I Fall' Video Shoot


We shot Catch Me If I Fall in one (long) day. Having worked with Director Sean McLeod and his team before on the 'Floating' Video, it was nice to see some familiar faces.  This was really exciting for me, as it was the first time all of my bandmates were able to join me on screen!  Playing along to the song at various speeds made things pretty interesting.

The best part of the day was having everyone join me on the dance floor for the final scenes.

Hope you enjoy the pics! Thanks to Paul Steward for taking them and documenting the day! There's also a Behind the Scenes video that we'll be sharing very soon!

From everyone in LYON (Dan Saitua, Gary Rugala, Michelle Odorico & Mike Taylor) we would also like to thank everyone involved in the making of the video!

Cast And Crew

DirectorSean McLeod

Producers - Cody Calahan || James O’Donnell


Gina Simone || Amanda Wood || Carly Nicodemo || Jeff Maher || Sam Alexander || Sara Fargo || Adam März || Emily Tauro || Kerstin Bradler || Ashley Hallihan || Cameron Nash || Lindsay Fontaine || Camilla Tamburini || Sabrina Direnzo || Dan Glegg


Judy Virago || Brenda Somers || Memphis Cadeau || Travis Cadeau || Rosemary Griffen || Becky T || Ryohei Arima || Rivka Green || Terry Tyler || Zac Malyon || Amy Buck || David Wijsman || Karrie Douglas || Japeth Maw || Lisa Lorenz || Meaghan Costa