Photo Tour Update - Winnipeg - Saskatoon

Beautiful Scenery between Sault St. Marie and Thunder Bay.

Beautiful Scenery between Sault St. Marie and Thunder Bay.

After some all night driving two days in a row, we finally got a chance to relax and get some work done. Here are some new photos from the tour, starting with our drive from Toronto to Winnipeg and ending with a live acoustic performance of 'Floating' on CTV Saskatoon Morning Show! We managed to get perfectly mild and beautiful weather on the way to Winnipeg, which made for some incredible Canadian scenery. In Winnipeg I interviewed and played for Shaw TV and took the stage at the West End Cultural Centre which was a very large venue with perfect sound. I would really love to play there again! The drive to Saskatoon wasn't so pretty with a really bad snow storm slowing us down. We did make it to CTV in one piece though!

I would also like to introduce, the extremely talented, and very handsome Andrew Hunt as my new west coast band mate!


Winnipeg - West End Cultural Centre

CTV Saskatoon Morning Show

Saskatoon @ Amigos

Interview: MSN Exclusives w/ Matt Schichter

Spoke with Matt Schichter from MSN Exclusives before my show at Rivoli. See the full interview HERE. 

Very surreal watching yourself be interviewed. Some great questions from Matt though! All of them. Let me know what you think!