Chantal Kreviazuk @ The Jackson Triggs Amphitheatre, Niagara On The Lake

As some of you may know, I grew up playing classical violin and piano since the age of 3.  I practiced hours a day to be able to play things "perfectly"; like a wind up toy.  

Fast forward to when I was in grade 6 at school. I remember hearing Chantal Kreviazuk's cover of John Denver's "Leaving On A Jetplane" on the radio... (remember the soundtrack from Armageddon?!)  I fell in love with that song!  I remember listening to it over and over.  I particularly loved hearing the emotion in Chantal's vocal delivery... perfectly imperfect; raw and honest.   It was such a refreshing change to my classical studies.  I ended up learning it, and performing it at the school talent show.  It was the first time I ever payed and sang in public!  What a rush that was.

Fast forward to Friday June 26 & Saturday June 27 2015.  My amazing bandmates, Michelle, Dan, and Mike (sadly Gary couldn't join us for this one), joined me for an acoustic set, to open for...Chantal Kreviazuk!  Not only was it surreal to meet her, and listen to these songs was set over the backdrop of the goooorgeous Jackson Triggs Winery, in Niagara on the Lake.  Completely stunning.  Here are some photos, taken by the very talented Amy Buck (