My amazing bandmates

I am very lucky to have some amazing bandmates who help bring my music to life!  

Let me start by introducing Michelle Odorico (violin/piano/vocals). We actually met when we were 3 yrs old, because we were taking violin lessons from the same teacher.  From age 10-17 we commuted downtown Toronto every Friday and Saturday for our lessons, and our parents basically told us we should be friends, as it would be easier to travel together!!  We've been best friends ever since.  I am so grateful to have another girl play in the band, and I appreciate her musicianship and insight so much.

Now I'll introduce the boys!  Dan Saitua (guitar) and Gary Rugala (bass) both came along 2 years ago.  I was searching for players, and my label Black Box recommended them.  They both played in a band called Crash Parallel back in the day, and they are well seasoned, experienced players.  I've appreciated getting to know them better, especially while cramming for shows, and touring both in Canada and in LA.  Dan is really funny and always has the best advice, and Gary is like our dad who drives us around and takes care of us.

Michael (Mike) Taylor - our drummer - was the last member to join us!  He'll always tell you exactly what he's thinking, which is the most refreshing quality.  He is so funny, and really ties our band family together.  Not to mention, his drumming is NEXT LEVEL.

I invited the lovely Amy Buck to come to our band practice to take some candid pics and video.  I'll be uploading more over the weeks to come, but here are a few for the time being!