"Heartbeat" - feature in NBC's Heartbeat


 This week something pretty exciting happened!  A song I wrote with Nygel Asselin named "Heartbeat" was featured in a very beautiful scene from NBC's Heartbeat episode Match Game.   

It was very surreal to watch.  As the episode played out, I thought maybe they didn't use the song afterall...and then in the final scene, I heard the first few notes of my violin!  I thought for sure it would just be a few seconds, and then the song just kept going!  I can't believe how magical it was to watch.  The scene had so much feeling and emotion!  Allllll the feels.  And 4 million of you were watching!  

You can watch it below:


Now for the really exciting news.  It is now available for sale in my store!  Click here

Thank you to Jana Cleland and her team at Red Brick Songs for making this happen.   Very grateful for this opportunity.


Lauren xo