Photos: LYON @ Adelaide Hall w/ Diana, Cousins, Parallels


Here's a few photos from this weekends Indie88 Indie Week Showcase at Adelaide Hall with Diana, Cousins, and Parallels. We were first act for the night so there's a few of us soundchecking as well. Thanks to everyone who came out. It was great to finally share some new songs, and we'll be updating you soon on release dates!

Photo Tour Update - Victoria - Courtenay

Ferry from Twassanna to Swartz Bay! Beautiful day for photos!

Ferry from Twassanna to Swartz Bay! Beautiful day for photos!

It's been a wild ride. The last two dates on Vancouver island have been great, with the last stop on the tour being tonight in Nanaimo! These are some of our photos from Victoria and Courtenay. Lucky Bar in Victoria was sold out as you can see in the photos, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves! Victoria is a beautiful city as well. I really can't wait to go back, as we barely had anytime to explore. Avalanche Bar in Courtenay ended being very great hosts as well!

Ferry to Victoria

Victoria @ Lucky Bar

Courtenay @ Avalanche Bar

Photo Tour Update - Red Deer - Canmore


RED DEER! What a great show. Had so much fun meeting all the staff at International Beer Haus & Stage. Especially my new friend and merch salesman extraordinaire Quan (thank you so much!),

The next day involved driving into the rockies for our show in Canmore at Communitea. I can't describe what it's like to see mountains for the first time in real life, but I will say it's extremely humbling. Obviously we took a lot of pictures. As you can see I also replaced my drummer Andrew with this much cuter portable version! Thank you to Marnie and the family at Communitea. Such great hosts!

The rest of the day today will involve pushing onwards to our sold out Victoria show! So many more mountainous pictures to come! Stay tuned!

Red Deer - International Beer Haus & Stage

Mountains - Canmore & Lake Louis

Canmore - Communitea